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Choco Banana Teashake

Recipe: Choco Banana Teashake

Are you a chocolate lover? Banana milkshake fan? Then this is for you! Try our Choco Banana Teashake to enjoy the taste of both...with all the goodness of Rooibos!!

Makes 2 cups.



deliteacious Choco Delight - 1 tsp.

Banana - 1

Cold milk - 8 oz. (For a dairy free option, substitute with almond milk or soy milk)

(Optional) Honey to taste

(Optional) Garnish: Whipped cream, cherry, chocolate chips, powdered cinnamon, sprinkles.

deliteacious - Choco Banana Teashake

Steep 1 tsp. deliteacious Choco Delight in 8 oz. hot water for 10 minutes. Strain.

Blend banana, milk, steeped tea and honey (if using) in a blender. Garnish to your choice.

Enjoy the "deliteacious" and healthy teashake!

Note: Choco Delight has a natural sweetness, thanks to rooibos and calendula petals, so go easy on sweetener.


A recipe by deliteacious


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