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About us

At deliteacious - The Delicious Tea™, our goal is to produce the best teas "A tea connoisseur expects and our customers deserve!"™

Our Teas:
We are a boutique tea brand that specializes in producing proprietary hand-crafted custom loose leaf tea blends that you may not find anywhere else! Our line of teas are designed to cater to adults and kids alike and include:
  • Traditionals
  • Performance & Wellness and
  • Kids teas (yes, we have wholesome and yummy blends for kids!)

Quality & Safety:
All of our blends are 100% natural and contain no preservatives or artificial flavors/colors. And most blends are organic and caffeine free (although we do have options for "caffeine cravers").
We limit ourselves to small batch productions adhering to our quality and safety processes to provide the best luxury teas to our customers ensuring freshness, taste and quality.
And of course, our teas and herbal ingredients come from some of the finest gardens in the world!

We welcome new customers and appreciate our loyal customer base.
Hope you continue to enjoy our teas as always!!