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Mind. Body. Tea. (Part 2): Benefits of Black Tea.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

Welcome to Part 2 of our blog series: Mind. Body. Tea.

If you have read Part 1 (if you haven't, you can check that out here) of our blog series then you know a healthy body and mind are the most significant part of leading a happy life.

In Part 2 of our series, we will talk about black tea and its benefits.

All teas are made using the leaves of the bush called Camellia sinensis. Each type of tea (black, green etc.) gets its unique flavor based on the levels of oxidization. Among those, black tea is the most oxidized tea, hence the highest amount of caffeine compared to other tea varieties, still much less caffeine compared to coffee.

Alertness and energy: Thanks to caffeine and theophylline, black tea makes people more alert and energetic. The amino acid L-theanine delivers caffeine more smoothly than coffee, meaning you won't have the spikes and drops associated with coffee.

Antioxidants: Antioxidants in black tea flush the toxins caused by the environmental pollution from the body, thus protecting the immune system. Polyphenols in tea can help protect cells from DNA damage.

Cancer prevention: High concentration of polyphenols in black tea is linked to lower risk of some types of cancer. Black tea is very effective in prevention of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and lung cancer. Theaflavins in black tea prevent the reproduction of cancer cells and growth of tumors. (However, drinking black tea should not be considered as an alternate for standard cancer treatments.)

Diabetes prevention: Black tea enhances the body's use and tolerance of insulin, which help in preventing conditions that lead to Type 2 diabetes.

Digestion: Black tea helps to regulate the digestive system and prevents digestive problems and is shown to be very effective in preventing stomach ulcers.

Heart and cardiovascular health: There is research to prove that black tea may prevent stroke and heart disease, and can lower cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. Drinking black tea regularly may prevent heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases. Studies hint that antioxidants in black tea may reduce clogged arteries in women.

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Part 3 of this series will cover more ingredients and blends. In the meantime you can check out our black tea collection here.

The contents of this article are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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