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Awesome Assam Black

Awesome Assam Black

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Breakfast Tea

100% Natural

Medium Caffeine

Luxury grade breakfast tea from the finest Borengajuli Estate in Assam. Extremely rich and flavorful, bright and full bodied tea with superb malty finish.

Ingredients: Black tea

General Brewing Instructions (for an 8 oz cup):

  • Steep 1 tsp in freshly boiled water - ideal temp. 212°F - for 5 mins
  • Strain, sip and enjoy!

Our Tea Master recommendation - for an even better brew!:

  • Reduce the amount of water for steeping and top it off to 8 oz with warm milk
  • Add sugar to taste

Value Tip:

  • Remember, our teas can be steeped twice to "get more out of the bag!"

Customer Reviews

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I tried a sample of this at the michigan lavender festival and it's delightful. Smooth, easy to drink, delicious!